Why Irrigate Your Garden?

Promote healthy lush plant growth


Like it or not, our climate in the UK is changing, recent years have produced dry autumns followed by extremely hot summers. Rain, when it does come, is often in the form of deluges and so runs off baked soil too quickly to be of any use. This is bad news for gardeners and all those who love green lawns and verdant gardens.

Installing a professionally designed watering system enables the regular delivery of water accurately and in the correct quantities without over-watering to promote healthy lush plant growth. It is the biggest single improvement you can make to the maintenance of a healthy garden.

In the summer months especially, watering needs to be done on a regular daily basis. Watering by hand soon becomes a laborious and time consuming chore. Furthermore, a quick soaking with the hose-pipe does little to quench the thirst of many plants and in fact will only reach down through the first few inches of soil. This can leave a plant’s deeper roots dry and cause them to search upwards toward the surface in their quest for moisture; this can be especially damaging in lawns. Our automatic irrigation systems can be programmed to work at night when there is less water loss through evaporation, allowing the water to penetrate deeper into the ground.

Sprinklers are all too often left running far too long making them worse than inefficient; they are also a very inaccurate method of delivery as they do not discriminate between plants and paths, patios or decking. An automated irrigation system with precise timing and targeted delivery makes the most efficient use of water saves the many hours of hand-watering, delivering the correct volume of watering accurately and exactly when needed.

An irrigation system will keep your garden alive whilst you are away or on holiday. Instead of returning to a tired, wilting garden and bald brown patches on your lawn requiring urgent remedial work, you can return to a garden that has actually developed and flourished in your absence.

Having a correctly designed irrigation system installed whilst a garden is being re-landscaped is an easy way of protecting the investments made in new plants, lawns and boarders. New plants especially require plenty for water to ensure they root properly and establish quickly. This alone is a good reason to irrigate a garden – always ask your professional garden designer or landscaper to include irrigation in their plans.