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Acer Palmatum / Japanese Maple

‘Beautiful’, ‘Stunning’ and ‘Graceful’, deserved comments of the much loved Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) trees. A must have plant for so many gardeners.

These outstanding deciduous trees have many varieties and can achieve heights and widths from 1.5 metres up to 8 metres.

Most varieties of Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) have shallow fibrous root systems that resent competition from other plants, so when planting, they should be given space.

The best ground conditions for Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) is moist, free-draining light sandy loams that are slightly acidic. They are however less demanding than commonly believed and will thrive in soils that are, acid to neutral and even slightly alkaline. They will not tolerate heavy, compacted and wet soils which will result in frost damage and fungus infections.

If your garden soil isn’t suitable for Acer palmatum (Japanese maple), why not grow one in a large pot, with regular maintenance, Acer palmatum (Japanese maple), is a perfect plant to grow in a container.

You can buy outstanding Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) specimens from Hortlands. Young and mature plants are available.