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Tree Guards and Shelters

Trees are planted for many reasons and ongoing care and attention is important to help them overcome the shock of transplanting from a pot or piece of land into another.

Newly planted trees need to quickly create a link with the soil in their new home. Their roots must re-establish to give them anchorage and feeding lines.

Depending on the location newly planted trees can be exposed to the threat of lethal damage caused by wild animals, uncontrolled mowers and strimmers, herbicide spray-drift, high winds and even salt spray if they are located near to roadways.

Guards and shelters provide protection from all these issues and are available in many styles and materials like; PVC spirals, tubular steel, polypropylene tubes, plastic netting and galvanised weld-mesh wire to name a few.

Recommended height of protection required for certain wild animals:

Recommended height protection: 0.6 metres
0.75 metres
Roe deer
1.2 metres
1.2m – 1.5 metres
Red and fallow deer
1.8 metres