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One of the larger gardens that Hortlands maintain. A nine-acre site with many species of trees and shrubs, including a formal garden with ornamental lawns, a deciduous woodland with a path walk-through, and a large open area of landscaped grassland.

β€œTo keep this site in top condition requires our careful planning and time-management. For example; during the spring and summer the large areas of grass are cut using our tractor ride-on and wide, walk-behind mowers and many hours are allocated for weeding borders and pruning roses and shrubs, then more pruning and clearing of leaves during the autumn and winter, but the hard work is appreciated by our clients and therefore rewarding to our maintenance teams.”

Lee Fuller – Grounds Maintenance Manager

  • Mow and edge all formal lawns
  • Prune and feed all trees, shrubs and plants on site
  • Control all weeds in lawns, beds and on hard standings