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Garden Management & Irrigation


This project commanded the use of many skills and all departments we have to offer at Hortlands.

Tree & Hedge Team

Relocated 7 poorly positioned pine trees to new locations in the garden where they can thrive for hundreds of years to come. Our team also planted ten new semi-mature fruit trees to create a small orchard area in the garden.

Irrigation Team

Install a multi zone system run from a hunter Wi-Fi controller linked to the local weather stations and our office for monitoring.

Lawns and wild flower areas are treated to pop up sprinklers whilst beds and newly planted trees are watered with efficient drip line irrigation.

Landscape team

Shape existing soil mounds to become focal points in the garden. The team removed existing turf and levelled with sub soil for new turf and wild flower areas. Install coreten steel edging to new paths and borders, lay new turf areas and sow wild flower areas.