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Projects from Hortlands

Planting Renovation


Whilst the Red Lion Hotel underwent a major restoration, Hortlands started work along side the designer, James Ogilvy Landscapes, to help restore and transform the hotel’s exterior.

Wisteria Prune

The first phase of the garden management projects was to prune and re-secure the mammoth wisteria which covers the hotel. After years of neglect, the team began a three day restoration, installing new wires and supports along the way. The objective was to create a new neat structure which only reached the second story windows.

Re-design and planting

Working closely with the designer, works began on preparing the front borders for the new planting scheme. All existing planting and debris were removed before the installation of the approved planting plan. A scheme of green, purple and white plants filled the newly prepared borders ready for the re-opening of the new Relais Hotel.

Grounds Maintenance

Once completed, Hortlands were awarded the contract to maintain and look after the newly refurbished beds and wisteria. During the fortnightly visits we are now able to keep the wisteria under control and tend to the various different varieties of shrubs and perennials.