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The project objective was to screen a neighbour’s conservatory windows in an economical way using evergreen trees that can be easily maintained and grown in a formal manner to the final desired height. Screening was required to be ‘instant’ and ‘fully formed’ at a minimum of 4 metres height and planted as close to the existing boundary birch trees as is horticulturally correct and constructively possible.

  • White cedar (Thuja occidentalis), high hedge screening plants
  • 4.5 – 5.0 metres total height
  • Fully formed and instant at 4 metres high
  • 11 linear metres coverage

“I contacted a number of companies to provide an instant 4 metre high privacy screen at the end of our garden. I don’t know anybody who has had this sort of work done, so had to find a company on the internet, not through personal recommendation. Of the people I contacted, Alan was the most pro-active and quickly arranged to come and visit. He was both helpful and knowledgeable on the visit, and did not apply any sales pressure. His quote for a row of Thuja occidentalis was then provided quickly thereafter.

On the agreed day, the team turned up on time. They were all friendly and helpful. When the trees were being unloaded from the lorry I was impressed by both their sheer size and also the large root system they each had enclosed in netting. When the teams began planting, it soon became apparent that there were not enough trees to complete the agreed length of hedge. The team could have been tempted to space them further apart to try to fill the gap, but I am grateful that they did not do this but kept planting close together to achieve a dense hedge. This meant that they were 2 trees short. Alan arranged for 2 more to be delivered at no extra charge, even though this meant a second trip out by the team would be needed.

Were there any problems? Yes, first, our lawn was wet when the work was done. Although protection boards were put down, they were not put close enough together, meaning ruts were left on the lawn. Alan accepted responsibility for this and his team did their best on the second visit to repair the lawn. Second, we have had a few teething troubles with the irrigation system, but Ben sent out his team to sort them out, and hopefully they are now resolved. So, yes, there have been a couple of problems, but, in both cases, Alan and Ben and their team have accepted responsibility and done their best to resolve them.

I know I am a demanding customer and have sent a number of emails to Alan and Ben through this process asking for further information and to deal with the above problems. They have responded quickly and fully to my emails.

My goal was to have an instant tall and dense privacy screen. Not only has this been achieved, but the trees also look magnificent as well. They also look well-established, not as if they have just been planted. Alan’s quote was not the cheapest but, as always, you get what you pay for. Alan, Ben and their team have provided a high quality service, both in terms of the trees provided and their professionalism, and I would thoroughly recommend them.

I am happy for you to attribute my name to this testimonial, and you can also put future customers in contact with me if you wish. I would also be happy for you to use pictures of our hedge on your website.”

Peter Mathers