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Flowers for the Lord Trenchard Memorial.

On Thursday 9th February the RAF Benevolent Fund held an annual memorial for The Father of the Royal Airforce, Lord Trenchard. The memorial was held in the RAF chapel in Westminster Abbey, and Hortlands were immensely proud to provide the wreaths that were laid in memory.
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How to plant a tree.

Hortlands are tree planting specialists. We offer our planting services throughout the UK, where our highly trained tree and hedge installers ensure successful establishment of all our trees and hedges.
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Vertical mulching mature trees.

Vertical mulching is a process carried out by injecting pressurised air, via an air spade, into the soil surrounding the root system of a tree. This creates a vertical void in the soil between the roots. These voids are then backfilled with a mixture of grit, organic matter and slow release fertilizer.
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