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Instant Hedges

Buryfield Recreation Park Instant Hedge Install

The installation of 170 metres of our fully formed instant hedge at Buryfield Recreation Park to define the boundary, including ground reinforced gap openings along the hedge runs to direct people safely into and out of the recreation areas at convenient locations.
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Buryfield Recreation Park

Reducing Noise Pollution with Instant Hedge

Our customer required the division of a large garden area into two by creating a barrier screen between the main garden and a natural, deciduous woodland with a walk-through and seating, situated on the edge of the property boundary, parallel to a busy road.
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Beech Instant Hedge in Bath

This hedging project required the planting of a 2 metre high instant hedge in the beautiful city of Bath in Wiltshire. We used our instant hedge "Elements" of Purple-leaved beech (Fagus sylvatica Purpurea), also known as copper beech.
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