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Japanese Holly Hedges

Since the mid 90’s the fungal disease known as box blight has specifically attacked the Buxus species, common name box or boxwood. The disease is now common and widespread within the UK and the planting of new Buxus hedges is decreasing and alternative plants are being sourced.

Hortlands recommend our Ilex crenata (Japanese holly), as the best alternative or replacement for Buxus hedges and topiaries.

Ilex crenata is known for its dense, dark green Buxus-like leaves. It is a healthy disease-free evergreen that responds well to regular pruning and creates a dense hedge. It is also hardy and frost resistant and can therefore be planted in the cooler Northern areas within the UK.

Likes well-drained, moist slightly acid to neutral soil, in sun to semi-shade. Avoid chalky substrates and heavy soils.