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Hortlands maintain a stunning estate in Beaconsfield that consists of a collection of large detached properties and a block of apartments. We maintain the formal estate gardens, roadways and front gardens of the houses.

It is very important to the residents that the estate remains in excellent condition. The estate is run by a board of directors that answer to the collective grope of property owners. Hortlands work with many private estates and we understand how important it is to meet the personal needs of all our clients. We ensure that the overall look of the estate, gardens and grounds remain uniform.

Our estate gardens management plan includes:


Cut lawns once weekly between March and October. Feed all formal lawns quarterly following a site specific lawn health plan. Treat weed and pest problems when required throughout the year including our complimentary Nematode treatments. Scarify and aerate lawns annually. Team to use pedestrian roller mower set at the recommended height as stated by the estate.


Clear all hard standing areas every visit ensuring no debris is left, any weed growth to be removed. Apply herbicide to all hard standing twice a year including spot spraying every month to ensure weeds do not establish and spread seed. All chemical spraying will be carried out by members of the team who have obtained their PA1/PA6. Avant with brush attachment to be used once per annum to sweep out all curb edging.


Prune all specimen trees, hedges and topiary as and when required, and in accordance with good horticultural practice, ensuring the specimens are looking their best throughout the year. Apply pesticide and fungicide as a preventative measure in April, July and September. Apply contact treatments if any problems arise at any time of the year, including nematode treatment. Monitor and adjust irrigation as required.

Smaller trees will be cared for according to the season and individual requirements, when establishing, moisture levels, die back, weed competition, staking and feeding will be consistently checked. Trimming and shaping of trained specimen trees to good horticultural practice.

Buxus to be kept neat and tidy and only cut in accordance to the specification given, monitoring for blight at all times and acting upon what we see. Taxus to remain clipped and kept to its uniform shape. Drench feed to be carried out also to improve foliage density, especially in the walled garden. Prunus Lucitanica to be trimmed to the specified height and monitored for vine weevil activity. Drench feed to all 232 meters to improve foliage density.


Following a site-specific plan created by ourselves; drench feed all trees, hedges and topiary once monthly with a site specific special feed blend. This special blend will incorporate with the soil and plants to keep them in prime condition. Folia feed all hedges and topiary with an organic feed applied once monthly throughout the summer months.

Apply a granular slow release feed to the beds and borders. As above, this feed blend will be site specific and border specific to ensure the right feed gets to the right plants at the right time of year. The feed will be applied twice per year depending on plants and the conditions.


Hortlands are experts in commercial grounds maintenance. To find out how Hortlands can help maintain your business or estate gardens, please call on 01895 438 811 today.