Irrigation Systems

Over 15 years experience

Irrigation Systems in Buckinghamshire

However you enjoy your garden you will want to ensure it looks it best whatever the weather or time of year.

Hortlands have been designing and installing high quality watering systems for more than 15 years. We can help with systems of all sizes: from small tap systems to fully automatic systems for estates covering many acres. Weather stations can ensure that each area of the garden receives the correct amount of water reducing watering if rain is forecast or increasing in a heatwave.

Our designs include garden irrigation systems for lawns, borders, hanging baskets, greenhouses and planters – saving time, money and water.

Below is a brief description of some of the more common aspects of a well designed irrigation system.


A well-designed lawn irrigation system takes into account factors including minimising overspray whilst ensuring complete and even coverage. Good quality components are robust and will remain serviceable for many years.

“Popup Sprinklers” are installed into the lawn and supplied via underground pipework. These systems are almost invisible when not in use and rise out of the ground to cover the area with rain like droplets. Once the required amount of water has been delivered the popup sinks back into the ground allowing you to mow the lawn.

Sprinklers come in a range of size and types allowing coverage of irregular shapes and lawns of all sizes. Typically they can spray an area of 9m-11m with larger and smaller diameters available where necessary.


“Drip Line” is a pipe installed on the surface or under bark mulch. This solution is ideal for densely planted area where sprayed water would be obstructed by plants. Well watered plants soon grow to hide the pipe from site.

Hortlands only use Drip Line with pressure compensated emitters ensuring the same amount of water is delivered regardless of the length of the pipe.

“Mini Sprinklers” come a variety of sizes and types. Discreet and versatile these systems can be mixed and matched to allow variable amounts of water to be delivered on almost a plant by plant basis.


Hanging baskets can often be in difficult to reach places yet require watering frequently.

Pressure compensating drip nozzles allow water to be delivered to your hanging baskets planters and pots using a discreet 6mm pipe.

Drippers are available with different flow rates allowing for each pots needs. Flow rates can be adjusted to minimise run off whilst the time the system is running can alter the total water delivery.


More often than not drip line proves to be an exceptional solution for watering hedges. The amount of water to be delivered can be adjusted by using drip line with emitters at different spacing, typically 30cm or 50cm, and the number of lines laid.

There are two main ways of irrigating trees. We commonly use either drip line or drip line enhanced with Spider emitters.

For larger trees root watering systems can be added. These are tubes dug into the ground to deliver larger quantities of water straight to the root system.


Controllers are available in various degrees of complexity.

The Rain Bird electronic water timer is a tap mounted timer that is ideal for controlling small irrigation systems supplied by mains water. These include hanging baskets, planter and small borders by micro spray or drip systems.

The I-Core is Hunter’s controller is for more demanding commercial and high-end residential applications. Loaded with innovative features like state of the art flow monitoring, quick system overview access, a factory-installed SmartPort®, six language capability, and a backlit display, the I-Core should be considered for most high-end irrigation projects. Some units are expandable to 42 stations or zones.

Some controllers are compatible with smartphone apps. Smart Watering Made Simple. They enable your mobile device to turn on sprinklers, set up customized watering schedules, and automate weather adjustments.